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Behind the Scenes

In this section we take a look “behind the scenes” to see how the weekly edition is put together.

1. The magazine is prepared in advance of the news.              a) Interviews are recorded ‘in the field’ and then edited prior to being transferred to the master recording. The following image shows our Magazine Editor at the BBC Gardener’s World Show at the NEC Birmingham with Mike Hughes, Listener Representative interviewing Alan Titchmarsh.

b) The magazine team then gets together in the studio for a recording session.

2. On completion of the recording, the master memory stick is copied to provide other masters for the news teams.


3. Memory sticks returned from the listeners are removed from their pouches and then separated.

4. The administration is completed with all the memory sticks marked on the register.


5. The team gathers round the recording table to record this week’s news edition; the readers on one side of the table and the technician on the other. Except this time, the team is being filmed for ITV’s Central News.

6. The memory sticks are then copied in readiness for despatch in the pouches


7. The memory sticks are placed in the pouches and then transferred to a mailbag ready to be despatched to the main post office and of course then to the listeners.

8. The listener then opens his mailbox to find the postman has delivered the weekly pouch from the Talking Newspaper studio.

9. And dashes indoors to listen to this week’s edition!