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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Can I receive your output if I am not registered blind?

Most definitely, yes. If you are unable to read standard (N12) newspaper print, then we are happy for you to receive our publications. No means tests are necessary.

2.   Can I receive the Talking Newspaper if I live outside Birmingham?

Yes, you can. Please note we cover Sutton Coldfield too.  You may also wish to bear in mind that there are a number of local Talking Newspapers situated around Birmingham which may be more appropriate to your needs. (see our Links page)

3. How will I receive the Talking Newspaper now you have gone digital? 

We will provide you as a new listener with a new player totally free of charge. Each week you will receive a pouch with a device called a memory stick which fits into the player. Please see our Technical Page for more information.

4.   What happens if I do not return my Talking Newspaper one week through illness or holidays?

Each new listener is allocated two pouches to send out   your memory stick so we can cover a week without return. If you can, advise us if you are unable to receive the Talking Newspaper for two or more weeks. Please advise us by putting a simple note in your pouch if possible.

5.   How much does your service cost?

This is a FREE public service and we are delighted to provide it free of charge. The cost of postage is fully paid by the government who subsidise Royal Mail for this purpose. The digital players are also part of this FREE service.

 6.   Can I make a donation to the Talking Newspaper?

We are a registered charity so all donations are welcome. If you feel you wish to help please send your donation to our Treasurer whose details are given on the ‘Get in Touch’ page.    

7.   Can I receive the Talking Newspaper if I have a non visual disability?

Yes, you are able to receive the Talking Newspaper, but we would need to ask you to pay the postage as the free postage available under the Royal Mail’s ‘Articles for the Blind’ concession would not apply.



8.   Can I still receive my Talking Newspaper by audio tape?

I’m sorry this is now not possible. However, our players have been specially designed for blind and partially sighted people. Feedback that has been received indicates that listeners like the new players and are pleased with the improvement in sound quality from their recordings.Please see our Technical Page for more information. 

9.   What does your output consist of?

We produce around 45 minutes of local news relevant to the geographical location in Birmingham where the listener resides. (North, South). Additionally there is a weekly magazine consisting of generally longer articles relating to the visually impaired and local community. On the magazine you will find interviews, quizzes, recipes, audio described theatre reviews, poetry, a Thought for the Week and a regular Notice-board of visually impaired news and events. Our output is produced 51 weeks in a year. There is also a monthly magazine of readings from our friends at the Mount Players of Bromsgrove, a local amateur dramatic group.

10.   Do you produce any special magazines?

We record a double sided Christmas magazine each year. We also produce special magazines on topics ranging from Easter to visually impaired holidays and sport to gardening all with a visually impaired slant. In June 2012 we produced a special magazine featuring the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee



11. Do you have any visually impaired listener representatives with whom I could chat and give feedback?

We have two representatives; one for each area of Birmingham (North, South). Their details are given on the news side of the weekly editions.

 12. Can I obtain a recording to try out before receiving your tapes on a regular basis?

Certainly, and do let us know what you think!

 13. Who do I contact to discuss about the Talking Newspaper?

Each area has a co-ordinator (North, South). Their contact details are given out with the News each week. Otherwise please go to the ‘Get in Touch’ page for contact details for our Administrator.

14. How do I introduce a relative/neighbour/friend or even myself to the Talking Newspaper? 

Simply phone or email our Administrator, Ian, on 0121 382 1582 or email enquiries@birminghamtalkingnewspaper.org.uk .

 15. How does your service operate? 

We will send your recording in a pouch. Simply reverse the address label on the pouch after listening to it and post back to us ready for the next edition

16. Do you produce material in other languages? 

We regret this material is only produced in English. However, may we suggest you try the Talking News Federation and National Talking Newspapers and Magazines, by moving to our ‘Links’ page?

17. What other services are available for the blind and visually impaired? 

We have tried to schedule just a few of these organisations which provide a whole hosts of services in our ‘Links’ page. Please follow the links to their websites.